Day 28

Today we’re going to look at leaks and showers – two big contributors to water waste in the home.

If you have a leak, get it fixed. Not sure if you’ve got a leak? Go take a look at your taps now – all of them! – and assess. Make sure you turn them on and off and wait for a bit. If you spot a leak, make a note of it, phone a friend, book a plumber, but whatever you do, get onto it – that goes for me, too! Chances are that you’ve put up with that leaky tap for far too long already, wasting money and precious H20 as it goes gurgling down the drain. Plus, it’s good feng shui to have all your utilities in working order, and who doesn’t want positive chi permeating their home?

If you take a leak, use a half flush or some grey water. I’m filling the bucket that was previously my waste bin with the first lot of water that comes out when I turn the shower tap on and wait for it to warm up. Then I can use that water as my flush water. It’s a small step, but it is also keeps me conscious of the water that I use in the shower.

Showers are more eco-friendly than baths, right? Depends how long your shower is! At the height of the drought, I was abiding by the 4 minute rule to shower. These days it’s probably a bit more than that, but it’s definitely a far cry from the days when I’d stay in the shower so long that the hot water would run out! I think even if I reduced my showering time by a third it would make a difference – why not try it? All of these tips are essentially about changing our habits, and if you get into a habit of showering for a certain length of time, then you won’t need to set yourself a timer because you’ll become accustomed to how long it should take.

Also, remember that you can also get a water saving shower head for free – as mentioned in Day 24, Easy Being Green will come out and replace not just your light globes but also your shower head. Those deets again are: http://easybeinggreen.com/energy-efficiency/. Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself then go right ahead – participating council offices that will do the swap are:

Hume: Broadmeadows and Craigieburn office
Moreland: Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy office

Just present your old shower head and a water bill and you’ll be on your way to saving 11,000 litres of water a year – now that’s a good reason to make the change!