Day 30

Welcome to Day 30!

We have arrived at the end of the challenge – a huge congratulations to everyone for starting and sticking with it and for all your contributions! I want to recognise you as the innovators that you are for being part of this pilot program and the zero waste movement. Being an early adopter is a challenge – not only do you have to do things you’re not used to doing, but you often have to do them in front of others who may be resistant to what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to have the support of others along the way to find your community and make your network. I hope that being part of this challenge with other participants has given you a sense of that, and I hope you can continue to build your community, be it online or in the real world!

Today’s challenge for you is to think about ways you can sustain the changes that you’ve made and carry on into the future. What has been useful for you? What has been easy or hard? Are there changes you think you’ll implement outside your own home as a result of doing this challenge – at your school, workplace or in your community? If you had to do this challenge again, what would your new pledges be?

Living zero waste comes down to a series of choices, but with time and practice those choices become habits that we no longer need to think about because they’re part of our lifestyle, and part of who we are.

How can we influence others?
By setting a positive example, with an emphasis on positive. If living zero waste is easy and fun, people are going to to get curious, interested and want to join in.

How do I keep it going?
To give you some ideas, here’s a fun documentary called No Impact Man about a year in the life of a family dedicated to zero waste: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Ctt7FGFBo. Maybe you could have a movie night with your own family to get inspired to keep the zero waste challenge going in your own home – or invite friends to share your passion for eco living. Or maybe you could start a blog and do your own zero waste challenge! Whatever you decide, I wish you every success and may the challenge continue from Day 31 onwards!