Day 26

Today we’re going to look at draught proofing your home. Did you know that you can regain up to 75% of heat that is lost through cracks in doors, windows, and floorboards?

Sounds so toasty! But right now I’ve got the heater blaring in the living room yet I can still see my breath in the kitchen..what to do?

So glad you asked! There are DIY options out there to seal up minor cracks, but also professional installers for bigger jobs, such as double glazing your windows, which I definitely recommend! Sustainability Victoria have a great step by step guide for all the different elements in your house you’ll want to watch out for, from chimneys to exhaust fans – you can find that information here:

Then, take a read through Positive Charge’s draught proof tips here: where you can also find a local installer.

In addition to these remedies, there are very simple ways you can keep cold air out and warm air in. The most obvious is to keep doors and windows closed, including to rooms that you’re not using. This way, if you do heat a space, only that space will need heating rather than the whole house.

Open your curtains during the day to let some sun in, but close them again before it gets dark. Just heat the rooms you are using, and put on an extra layer before you turn the heating on or up.

Speaking from my own hardened experience in icy cold houses, my top tip for draught proofing your body is a hot shower – far quicker than waiting for the heater to kick into gear and often you won’t even need to use it once you’re warmed up from within!

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