Day 25

Today’s focus is on your electricity source. Want green power? I’ve got a recommendation for you!

– Powershop –

They’ve won a host of awards for their eco goodness and if you sign up you get a heap of cool promos – my money’s on the six Melbourne International Film Festival passes! Read all about them here:

Want to go solar?

If you’re in Hume, you’re in good company! Hume figures in the top 50% of all Australian electorates. You can read more about your fellow neighbours here:

If you’re in Moreland, you’re in luck! There’s a bulk buy solar scheme that you can participate in through Positive Charge. They also provide other services too including a free light globe change which I will also update in yesterdays’ post. Here’s the link to their site for more deets:

How about solar on a small scale?

You could consider a portable solar charger from powertraveller: They’re a UK brand but do have some Melbourne stockists including camping stores such as Paddy Pallin. After doing my own energy audit a couple of years back, I realised that I was using the most power recharging my phone. I bought a solar charger a couple of years back and while it does need a lot of direct sunlight to fully recharge, it’s been particularly useful as a back up if I go to multi day festivals with no charging facilities – I just keep it charging beside me as the bands go by. Sun for the win!



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