Day 24

Welcome to Day 24!

Yesterday we talked about turning power off at the switch – but what about when your power is on?

How about some energy saving globes?
How about some energy saving globes – for free!

Easy Being Green will come out and replace your old incandescent globes with energy saving globes and while they’re at it they’ll also replace your shower head – for free! I’ve pleased to report that I’ve had mine replaced and the water pressure is A-OK.

What’s the catch?
There are some T&Cs associated with the switch – you need to have at least 10 globes to replace, otherwise there’s a call out fee, and if you wanted a different type of globe than the standard refit, it’s a few dollars extra. But, still very low overheads considering they will come to your door and refit you out. The shower head though? This one’s on them! It’s all part of the VEET – Victorian Energy Efficiency Target – scheme, so do your state proud and feel like a responsible citizen while you’re at it.

All kitted out with globe and shower head to boot? Pay it forward, recommend the scheme and make the switch today!


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