Day 23

We’re now into the last week of our challenge! Wow! How have you been going with your pledges?

I have to admit, I recently almost buckled under the pressure of my #1 pledge: no packaged chocolate bars. I was bored and procrastinating and so I did what I always do: took myself down the chocolate aisle of the supermarket. It had been so long there were several new flavours just asking to be taste tested – the novelty! The allure! But..I couldn’t do it. What kind of a role model would I be? So, I took the higher ground and looked for a loophole: an unpackaged chocolate bar. I found one that was just packaged in paper, and got that charge of rebellious victory over…myself…but after three weeks of homebaked sweet treats, the supermarket’s offerings just tasted like gritty sugar capsules.

Lesson learnt?
Recognise and acknowledge the times I am bored and procrastinating and give myself something else to do. Keep abstaining from commercial chocolate so that my palate recognises it for what it is – artificial junk food – and rejects it on sight. Stay away from the supermarket. Knowing that I was on the challenge shamed me out of straying from my pledge, but in a week’s time when I lose that sense of accountability, it’s going to get tougher. This is where making zero waste a habit can make the transition easier – when you’re no longer used to doing that thing that is convenient yet wasteful, you build up a resistance to it which can help you to think twice and look for an alternative in the heat of the moment.

Now, on to this week’s challenge!

We’ll be looking at energy efficiency in the home, and we’re going to start small with the humble power point.


How many of them do you have? Are you currrently using the item they are attached to or are you merely powering a machine on standby? I did not even realise my rangehood had a power socket until I did a thorough investigation. Standby electrical items are said to account for 10% of residential electricity use, so make a habit of turning power points off at the switch and see your bills and your carbon footprint shrink.

All my power points are off thank you very much – where’s my challenge?

How about rethinking an item that you currently power with electricity? I use an electric toothbrush, but recently bought myself a compostable toothbrush to use instead. I was always under the impression that your teeth get a better clean using an electric toothbrush, but after some research online, they say that it’s actually the brushing technique and not the implement that makes the difference. If I can avoid using fossil fuels to create and power my toothbrush just by brushing properly – with my home made toothpaste, no less! – then that will be a big eco win, especially given that I use this every day.

Now, over to you!


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