Day 20

It’s the weekend, you’ve got time free for you, so let’s take a look at what you do for fun. Today’s declutter challenge is

– hobby paraphernalia and equipment –

Don’t think that I’m going to ask you to give up your hobbies so you can spend more time earnestly composting or zero wasting yourself into an empty room devoid of all possessions. Today’s challenge is about making use of the things that bring you joy, not so much by having them but by using them.

If you have a bike in your garage, do you use it?
Do your ever listen to the singles that you purchased on CD circa 1995?
What about the snorkel you got three birthdays ago?
The postcard collection in a shoebox?
Your Nintendo?

Go through your house and collect all the items that represent hobbies. Into a giant pile they go. Now, pick up each one and ask yourself:

Marie Kondo:
Does it spark joy?

Does it need a new part?
Do I not have time for this anymore?
Have I lost enthusiasm for it?
Am I just out of the habit?

Really think about what place these hobbies have in your life now and moving forward. If you’ve outgrown them, it’s ok to admit that, remember all the good times, and pass on the equipment or collection to someone who is as passionate about it you once were. You could pass them onto friends of family, op shop them, garage sale them or sell them on Gumtree.

If you find yourself curious but hesitant, now is the time to make a date with yourself to take that hobby up again, whether that means booking into a class, buying a replacement part, or simply creating a habit of putting this item into use.

Now that you have more space in your home, you can surround yourself with more of the things that you like to do. Having de-cluttered also means that the time that you used to spend sorting through piles looking for items or frantically stashing things in your cupboards before your friends visited you can now be spent putting on your favourite vinyl and having a boogie on your roller skates. 0% time + energy waste, 100% fun!


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