Day 17

Welcome to Day 17!
Today’s de-clutter challenge is all about:
                                                                        ~ books ~
Just like your clothes, you’ll have to gather up all your books – yes, even if they’re neatly tucked away in bookcases – and pile them up. If you’ve got lots of magazines you can include them too. You’ll want to have some boxes prepared for packing, so if you don’t have any on hand, just stop by a supermarket or your local shopping strip where they’ll be more than happy to give away their excess carton rather than send it to the crusher.
Go through each item one by one, and consider if you really want to keep them. If you’ve had a book for years having been meaning to read it, ask yourself honestly if you truly want to devote the time to it. If you’ve been avoiding it, maybe you don’t really want to read it but just think that you should – because it’s a classic, because someone gave it to you, because one day you might need the back catalogue of Dogs Life when you finally start your own dogwalking business.
Zero waste also applies to your time, and if you can think of 10 other books you’d rather read, it’s likely that this one is not worth keeping. Unless it’s a rare find, you can always get it out from the library – or the State Library, which houses an innumerable collection of books, papers and magazines.
If you’ve had books just sitting in boxes, only when you’ve come to the end should you think about where to re-shelve them. Let the items dictate the storage space, not the other way around!
Now that you’ve got all these books to go, what should you do with them?
You could:
– pass special ones on to friends or family
– resell them to a second hand bookseller – the closest to Hume/Moreland is Academic and General in Moonee Ponds, and if you’ve got school novels or textbooks you could try Kangan Institute Bookshop in Broadmeadows
– take them to a book exchange store: the closest to Hume is the Niddrie Arcade Book Exchange
– leave them in a street book exchange – or set up your own! There’s lots of little neighbourhood book exchange spots popping up on nature strips or along bike paths – the Upfield bike path is host to one – but the biggest community book exchange which gets the most turnover is the Little Library at Melbourne Central:
– donate them to the State Library where you can go visit them whenever you want
– donate them directly to an op shop – your one stop shop!
Happy reading!

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