Day 16

Welcome to Day 16 – and congratulations on being over half way through the challenge!
Any new developments for you this week? These are my updates:
-I went exploring in my neighbourhood and found laneway oranges, mandarins, lemons and figs
– I haven’t bought any products in plastic and have started re-using my jars at bulk stores
– I made toothpaste!
– I’ve cooked a little more than last week (results: fair to middling)
– I found out about this guy! Maybe this can be the next 30 day challenge?
– I’ve recommended War on Waste far and wide: last episode is tonight!
How did you go yesterday? Was the de-cluttering process painful? Cathartic? Motivating? I’m hoping it’s more of the latter because today we’re going to do the same thing for: shoes.
If your kicks are still in good nick but you’ve outgrown them (literally or figuratively), you can donate them to an op shop. If you’ve got worn out sports shoes, Nike will recycle them (and no, they don’t have to be Nike shoes):
Need something for a one-off event? Don’t be afraid to ask around. I’ve borrowed shoes – even entire outfits – for interviews and weddings.
Realised that your shoes have had it and you’re in the market for something new? First port of call for zero waste would be an op shop – if you haven’t been in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and range.
Next you could try markets: my top pick is Camberwell market. It may be on the other side of the river but it is definitely worth the trip. It’s open 6:30-12:30 every Sunday.
Want something not so pre-loved but more sustainably made? Try an ethical brand such as They’re fair trade, organic and vegan – what’s not to love?

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