Day 14

toothpasteWelcome to Day 14!

Last weekend I sent you all a map of bulk stores where you could find food in bulk – well, it’s time to revisit it because today our focus in avoiding single use plastics is:

~ re-usable grocery containers ~

What is a reusable grocery container?

Anything you want it to be, just so long as you’ll reuse it! The first and best place to start is your own home. If you have an existing detergent bottle, just reuse that. Most people have a little jar collection underneath their sink, or know of a jar hoarder who’d probably be more than willing to part with a few to get you started. You could also ask at the bulk store to see if they have any spare jars – Ceres Organic Grocery have a donation box that you can help yourself to, so if you are that person with an excess of jars, you can always offload them there in the knowledge that they will be re-used.

So what exactly can I buy in reusable containers?

So many things! Take a look back over your recycling bin audit – did you happen to see any packaging from toiletries or cleaning products in there? You can find these items for sale in bulk stores and once you start looking, you’ll find there are many things you won’t need to buy pre-packaged again.

I’ve already got a lush suite of mason jars, so where’s my challenge?

My challenge for you is to see what products you can make yourself. For this challenge I have just made myself my own toothpaste (shout out to MC!) so that will be one less packaged item going to landfill!

To get you thinking, I’m sending you a link to another Bea Johnson Ted Talk – she’s known as ‘the high priestess of the Zero Waste Movement’ and here she talks about the successes and failures of the non-packaged alternatives that she has tried and since implemented.

Over to you!


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