Day 11

Welcome to Day 11!

Today we’re going to be looking at disposable take-away items. Do you have a drawer laden with plastic forks that you’ve collected from various take away stores, or a kitchen cupboard stacked with plastic take away containers that you use for a couple of meals before the lid cracks and you have to throw it in the recycle bin? You know now that just because it’s recyclable, doesn’t mean it’s not waste, so it’s time to invest in:

– zero waste take-away –

First, grab yourself a container that you can put your leftovers in after your meal or transport your takeaway from the store. You’ve probably got quite a few in your cupboard, so it’s time for a mini declutter challenge! Assemble them all, identify which tubs have fitting lids, recycle the rest and now you’ve got tubs at the ready for the next take-away time. If all you’ve got are the plastic tubs, feel free to keep using those for the time being, but eventually you’ll want to get yourself a decent leak free tub which will eliminate the need for a plastic bag that will house the inevitable spillage from the shonky take-away container. If you are in the market for one, here’s a site with a few ideas:

You can get yourself a spork or a 3-piece cutlery set in just about any camping store and boom! You will never need to accept another plastic fork again. You can find them in bamboo or stainless steel if you want something a little more hard wearing.

For plates and bowls, I recommend lightweight bamboo crockery from the Eco Soul Life range. I bought a set at Aussie Disposals three years ago and they’ve been very sturdy, maintained their colour and have not become chipped or stained – win! You can colour coordinate with your KeepCup here:

Happy eco-dining!


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