Day 9

imageWelcome to Day 9!

Today we’re continuing our theme of single use plastics. Next to bags, what else do we use on a daily basis?

I’m talking about:

– Coffee cups –

As a nation, we throw away 1 billion disposable coffee cups every year. Melbourne is a coffee lover’s mecca, so it stands to reason that as well as consuming a hella lotta coffee, we’re also consuming a hella lotta plastic. Now even if your cup is made out of paper, it still needs a plastic interior lining to keep that hot coffee in, not to mention a plastic lid. Sure, sometimes our coffee cup may be compostable or biodegradable, and for that I salute you and your supplier, but unless you are putting your compostable cup into compost, chances are you’re just throwing it into a bin on the street where it will go to landfill along with all the other waste.

Ahhh I’m feeling stressed…I need a coffee! No wait, a solution! (And – coffee)



It’s Australian made, it’s chock-a-block with gorgeous colour combos to choose from and it’s how you can get your coffee fix with a shot of eco pride.

Uh, I’ve got my KeepCup so where’s my challenge already?

You know that one friend (/workmate/family member) who thinks it’s so cute you care about the environment and thinks nothing of tossing their coffee cup away right in front of you every tea break while you sip righteously from your mochaccino with steam (in)visibly fuming out of your ears? You’re going to give them:

– A withering look
– A lecture
– A link to a concerning documentary about climate change

Come on people! We’re talking behaviour change here. People don’t change their behaviour due to education and information (or at least, not in great part). People generally meet these methods with a good deal of resistance. They don’t like to be told that what they’re doing is wrong (excessive amounts of sugar, procrastination, single use plastics), generally because they already know what they’re doing is wrong, and quite frankly it’s annoying that you should keep bringing it up.  People change their behaviour because their path (or their habit) changes to something simpler, easier and more efficient – a path that still meets their needs and takes them to where they want to go, but minus the toxins/late night cramming.

Sometimes people change their path, other times the path changes for them. You’re going to change their path by putting a beautiful, sturdy, multi use coffee cup in their hands. Yes, you’re going to give them:

– a KeepCup –

Maybe they never bought one because they’d never heard of it, or they didn’t want to have to buy a cup when they get one for free, or they’d seen them around but hadn’t got around to buying one, or they didn’t know where to get one, or maybe they just thought the whole thing was a hassle to have to wash and carry around so why bother even trying?

By buying someone a KeepCup, you’re giving them the chance to test out an idea and then decide if they like it, not the other way around. Your gift will give them curiosity, freedom, and a far better shot of actually adopting the behaviour you want them to take up, which you’re definitely not going to give them with a lecture.

So find out their favourite colours and let the gift of giving commence!*

*I do not work for or have any association with KeepCup, but if they should wish to contact me for endorsed promotional opportunities I’d be open to that!


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