Day 6

bulk bins

Welcome to Day 6!

We’ve been clearing our fridges, sorting our pantries, checking our gardens and neighbourhoods for edibles – great work! Now it’s time to go shopping, bulk style – and I do not mean Costco. I’m talking about

~ bulk food stores ~

Why bulk?

Buying from bulk stores means you can buy exactly the amount that you need. You can bring your own containers, which saves on packaging. Many bulk stores stock organic produce, which is a healthier and tastier choice and, depending on the item, sometimes comparable in price to supermarket items – avocados, I am looking at you!

Bulk stores tend to promote local products, which lower food miles and supports local industry which also has the benefit of being more strictly regulated from the point of view of food security. For those products which have been imported, many bulk stores stock fair trade products, which supports companies that provide better working conditions.

Take me there now!

When I mentioned I was going to run a Zero Waste Challenge to try and reduce packaging, my friend said – “I’d love to shop in bulk, but I never know where the stores are”.

I looked online to see if there was a handy map like the overhanging feral fruit as mentioned on Day 5, but nothing. In lieu of creating my own interactive map online (my tech skills aren’t that advanced, but if you’d like to take up the challenge, go for it!) I’ve made my own for you. It’s made up of stores that I’ve shopped at or passed, and mainly concentrated in the Moreland area, which I know will not apply for those who are in Hume, so please send me your recommendations and we’ll add to/extend the map! Stores vary in price, range and ambience, so take yourself on a bulk store tour and see which ones light your pilot.

moreland map

Map key

A Terra Madre: 103 High St Northcote (the Mecca of organic bulk foods)
B Naturally on High: 697-699 High St Thornbury
C CERES Organic Grocery: Cnr Stewart St and Roberts St
D Organic Wholefoods: 483 Lygon St Brunswick
E Organics by La Manna Fresh: 699 Sydney Rd Brunswick
F The Source Bulkfoods: 112 Sydney Rd Brunswick
G Pachamama Wholefoods: 74-78 Sydney Rd Brunswick
H Melba’s Food Hall: 42 Grantham St Brunswick
I The Nut Union: Union Square 190-196 Union St Brunswick
J Organic Wholefoods: 137 Mt Alexander Rd Flemington
K Urban Market Wholefoods: 605-625 Mt Alexander Rd Moonee Ponds
L Source Bulkfoods 26 Pratt St Moonee Ponds
M Ladybird Organics 130 Puckle St Moonee Ponds
N Ray’s Top Nuts 36 Hall St Moonee Ponds

What do I bring to the bulk store? 

All the bags, tubs, containers, paper bags and jars that you’ve got handy! Jars are the go-to of zero waste, and we’ll talk more about different types of containers in a future post, but for the moment, just grab whatever you’ve got in your kitchen and go from there.

Happy shopping!


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