Day 4

You might have guessed this was coming…it’s time to de-clutter:

~  Your pantry  ~

When your pantry becomes overcrowded, or if you have multiple areas where you store your food, it can get pushed to the back and forgotten about, which can lead to two things happening:

  1. You find it months or years later, well past the use by date, and have to throw it away, often unopened.
  2. You don’t think you an item, or you’re sure that you do have one but you just can’t find it, so you go out and buy an identical item. Case in point: I had a friend who lived alone, barely cooked, and yet had acquired six salt grinders.

We’re going to talk more about packaging in a future post, but for today, this is your challenge:

Set a date for yourself or your household to clear out the pantry and re-organise your food storage space.  In the meantime, do not buy any more dry food for the rest of the week, unless it is specifically purchased to make a meal that complements your existing ingredients. Really focus on putting those long term resident ingredients to use to get them out of your pantry and into your body.

Sometimes we buy food on a whim because it was on special, we’d read it was a new superfood, or we bought it for a recipe and never needed it again (When I say we, I also mean: me). This is the type of food that I’d really encourage you to use up over the next few days to clear space in your pantry for the food you do like to eat that won’t go to waste. If your items are opened but past it, then check to see if they can be composted and make use of your new bin! If your items are unopened and you don’t intend to use them, you could drop them off to a foodbank near you, make a donation box to bring into work or even try leaving them by your letterbox for your neighbourhood to claim.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what to do when it’s time to go shopping and stock up again, but for now, happy de-cluttering!


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